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Robert And Svetlana

russian girls Hello, I would like to share my experience of relationships with Svetlana. It’s a pity that I can’t show you any of our wedding pictures. We have been travelling a lot lately and I just didn’t have any time to scan any photos. Well, if you will be still interested I will send you some of our pictures later and right now I can tell you our love story and send you one of my favorite pictures with my Russian girl Svetlana. I have taken this picture when I visited her for the first time and that day has changed my whole life. On the 4-th of March 2007 (I still keep that day in my memory) I was surfing through the website looking for Russian girls. There were hundreds of young and pretty ladies, but my eye has caught Svetlana’s photo. I’m still not sure how exactly I did pick her up, but I had a sort of feeling that I really needed to write her. For some reasons I’ve been a little bit shy and I wrote her only in a couple weeks. Every day I was looking at her pictures and one day she added new ones. And finally on the 17th of March I wrote her a letter that I would like to get to know her better. She was really sweet to respond me fast and I felt that I wasn’t wrong about this Russian girl. Since that day there wasn’t a minute without thoughts about the day we might see each other. We were sending messages to each other every day and sometimes I called her. We communicated using the translation service of the web-site. My Russian girl was both good-looking and a very smart person, she was always amazing me with the deepness of her thoughts and ideas.

I came to Ukraine almost in a year and I spent the whole February of 2008 there. When my plane landed in Ukraine I realized how nervous I was at that moment. I had no idea what to expect from our first meeting and it were the most exciting moments of my life. Svetlana was very nice and easygoing. It seemed to me that we were like old friends. To understand each other we used a translator as well as a Russian-English dictionary. Nevertheless my first journey to Ukraine was not easy for me because my Russian girl didn’t understand me sometimes, but we overcame it together. Just before going back to the USA I asked Svetlana if she would like to marry me and she said «Yes». In two month I came back to Svetlana and we engaged. Her family and her son were very friendly to me and the celebration was wonderful. During the year of 2008 I made about 6 trips to Ukraine and we were really happy with my Russian girl.

On November 23rd 2008, we finally married. Svetlana was so beautiful that day! We had an amazing fest, traditional Ukrainian Wedding. I should say that I haven’t even imagined anything like this wedding. The American weddings are boring in comparison with the two-day celebrations, dancing, costumes, Cossacks, numerous guests, tasty food and drinks. I also enjoyed the traditions like next ones: I had to pay money to some friends of my bride to get to her mother’s home. After I came to her mom’s house I still needed to pay some money to Svetlana’s Uncle and Aunt, because they wanted to give another bride. It was so much fun, because my bride’s cousin was dressed just like her and they wanted me to take her instead of Svetlana. All of the traditions were so interesting. I had to sell shots of vodka and candies to the guests, to ride Svetlana’s mother in a wheel barrel and there are much more to say about amazing Ukrainian culture. I need to say that I appreciate the help and support provided by the web-site. All these happened thanks to it. Now we are waiting in for the final package of the documents for my wife and her son, so that they could move to America.

If anyone is looking for Russian girls as their soul mates I advice to try to get some information about their culture and to get to know at least some Russians. Otherwise you will come across lots of misunderstandings which will be not an easy thing for your relations to come through. And only if you will be willing to visit your lady and to show your understanding of Russian or Ukrainian culture that would be a good signal for her. You need always to remember that Russia and Ukraine are completely differ from the United States and some things go different ways than you used to think they do. As for me I learned a lot about Ukraine and it’s culture and I found that in this way I made a great effort to get closer to my Russian girl. I tried to look like Russian and I realized that people start asking questions on the streets like how to get to the Mall or something like that, it means that you start fit better into their society and that’s always a good thing for the relationships with your Russian girl.

Thanks a lot! Robert and Svetlana

Elena and Morten

russian girls Meeting Morten is one of the best things that happened to my life. Let me tell you how wonderful my Morten is. He is such a nice man and the good thing here is that on the very first minute of our meeting, both of us felt each other. I think this is one of the important things when it comes to relationships. We both felt that we had known each other for a very long time. We only spent few days together but those few days were full of excitement. It’s like those days were weeks of dating. We went to parks and romantic cafes as part of our dating stage. It’s nice too that We also took some pictures to remind us how wonderful those days were. Also, by spending those few days with Morten, I realized that he is my ideal man; the love of my life and the man I want to spend my future with. He is such a kind man. I also love his eyes and looking at them makes me feel so complete. I know that our relationship will further develop into something deeper and serious. I didn’t know that this site would lea me to the man of my dreams. I really want to thank this site for giving a Russian Girl like me the opportunity to meet my Morten. I am so happy now that I am with the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. This site is really helping people be fulfilled when it comes to dating and relationships and I would like to call on the other Russian Girls hoping for knight in shining armor to try this site…

Anna and Howard

russian girls If Paris is the romantic city of many people, for a Russian Girl like me it is Kiev. This place has been the witness of love between me and Howard. We visited different places in Kiev and tried different cuisines particularly in Pecherskaya Lavra. We also visited the zoo. It’s nice to spend those moments with Howard. The combination of warm weather and beautiful place made our hearts beat faster. I enjoyed dating Howard especially in Kiev. We were both happy during our precious time together. We experienced exciting things and dating Howard in just few days made me realize that life is so beautiful especially with him. Walking hand in hand with Howard is one of the best things that I ever experienced. We started our relationship by writing letters and we both agreed to start dating. So here we are, very happy with each other’s company. I wanted to do many things with Howard like cooking.

This is just the start of our relationship. I know that there are more to come. No one could ever imagine that mere writing to each other can develop into something serious. This site has helped me meet a kind man like Howard. I know that Howard and I are destined to be together. This relationship won’t be possible without the help of this site and people who work behind this. I know that there will be many people who will also be satisfied and happy because of this site. There are still many Russian Girls who wants to find their own happy relationship just like me. Dating people even for the first time can also bring satisfactory results. This site can really create dating and relationships.

Rik and Daria

russian girls Being with Rick is one of the best things that happened in my life and this is because of this agency’s help. We started our relationship through writing letters and there are interpreters who helped us. It started last March 2008 through the help of Delia’s services whose main purpose is to help Russian girls meet their Western men partner. This is also through the help of Anastasia International who do the same thing. So after many letters were written, we both agreed to start dating. The first time that we met was when Rick went to Lugansk, Ukraine for four days in June. There may be flaws in our meeting because of language barrier, Anastasia provided us with some interpreters so that we can communicate with each other. Interpreters really helped us in our dating stage in Lugansk. Rick stayed in a rented apartment during his first visit. In August, Rick once again went to Ukraine for us to meet again. The agency still helped us so that everything will be perfect. They actually helped us with everything that we need. We both decided to get married and it’s all because of the help of the agency.

Anastasia International is helping people find their perfect mate and start dating or building interesting relationships. I can say that there will be more Russian Girls who will be helped by Anastasia International. I never imagined that our relationship will be this serious that both of us decided to spend our future together. It all started with writing letters then went to dating and now we are so excited for the fiancée visa so that we can get married in the US. We are thankful that an agency is there to make a Russian Girl like me meet my perfect mate and help build relationships. We are so grateful that this agency came to our lives and that our relationship and dating came into life.

Tatiana and Robert

russian girls Anastasia helped me and my Tatiana to be with each other. The agency and the agents who were there to help us made the moments so perfect for us. I can say that the agency is a big part in our relationship. The service was so excellent and satisfying in making me find my ever dearest Russian Girl. We started dating and the charming Russian girl named Olga helped us by being our translator. Last weekend, she helped us again and did a wonderful job. I can say that Olga made our dating so interesting and lively which made the service better than the others. This is also one of the things that others do not have.

Now that we have each other and our relationship is simply perfect for us, we have set the Wedding on September. Olga is invited because she did a wonderful job in our relationship and dating. This would not be possible without the help of Anastasia and its helpful agents. We would like to thank this agency for doing a great job in helping me find my soul mate among the beautiful Russian Girls.

Elvira and Nicholas

russian girls Our relationship started when we received our first letters for each other. We really never expected that it will end up like this because at first, we were really not that serious. We were both registered in a marriage agency that helps Russian Girls like me meet their future partner. During the first part of our relationship, we tried to get to know each other and later on, we decided to go on dating. He asked me to go to Thailand with him and spend some time there. We both felt the chemistry between us during our dating in Thailand. Our dating stopped when we finally decided to bring our relationship to the next level. After that, he went to my home city to meet and spend time with my parents. Our relationship got serious and we are now engaged. A simple Russian Girl like me is going to meet his family soon. I can say that I am so happy now that I have my Nicholas with me.

Life is really full of surprises and I never thought that such thing can happen to Russian Girls. Nicholas and I were not really that serious in our relationship at first. But when we felt that something is special between us, we started to talk on the phone almost every day. And from there, we decided to take our relationship seriously. There may be few time engaged in dating, we still developed our feelings for each other.

Tatiana and Trevor

russian girls I met a Russian Girl named Tania through the help of this agency. Our relationship wouldn’t be possible without the help of this agency who helped other Russian Girls already. Just to share a story, our wedding went well and both of our families attended the wedding. I can say that our wedding day is one of the best days in my life. We are so grateful that this agency helped us become one and became the reason why the most important and the best thing in my life happened. I met the most wonderful Russian Girl in my life. And now we’re happy together. Our relationship became possible because of your help and we would like to thank you for that.

Kind regards, Trevor

Tatiana and Serge

russian girls I learned about this agency called Anastasia through one of my good Russian Girl friends who told me she met her husband through the help of this. So I tried it; wrote letters and included my pictures. I received so many letters but the letter that struck me was from Serge. Serge said he wanted to see me on his third letter and I was shocked because our relationship is still new. So he went to my country and we met personally. We I saw him, I immediately knew that he is the man for a loving Russian Girl like me . During the dating process, we sought help of an interpreter so that we can understand each other better. We realized that we have the same tastes, view, and goals. Serge is a very good person. When my daughter got sick, he was there to help me at my most difficult time. As part of our relationship, he also got to know my daughter who played with him excitedly. He liked my daughter and accepted that she is part of my life too. I realized that this man is perfect to be part of my family. I know that someday we will be a family. Serge stayed in my place for a only a week but it was like years. He invited us in his country and assess if we want to continue our relationship or not. We did not undergo enough dating process but we felt that we have known each other enough. So I, the lucky Russian Girl went to his country though my daughter was not with me. It was a month full of happiness in our relationship. That is when I knew that Serge is the man I want to spend my future with. That was when we decided to go a level higher in our relationship. We are so compatible with each other. Not only that, he also likes my daughter and that is one of the important things to me. He wanted my daughter to go to his house and even choose the room that she likes. We’re now going to legalize everything and I know that our relationship will last. I also know that the three of us will become a happy family soon. Our dating and relationship was made possible because of Anastasia and if I haven’t listened to my Russian Girl friends, I wouldn’t meet Serge.

Elena and John

russian girls Marriage agencies really help Russian Girls in dating and building relationships. This particular agency helps people from different countries to meet and develop serious relationships. I heard this from my friend when we were talking and that friend told me that there are many Russian girls who try their luck in love using this agency. So I tried it too and received many letters from different men. I was not particular to who I want to meet and this ordinary American man caught my attention. He’s a truck driver. We wrote letters for a long time before we decided to go on dating and meet. We didn’t mind the difficulties that we experienced due to the fact that we’re apart. He wanted to take me to US but all our efforts got no positive results. So that’s the time that he went to my home city, Bishkek, to meet me and tell me that he wants to marry me. Our relationship faced difficulties but those were nothing. We got married in November and we are very happy now that we have each other.

The Internet really opened the path for us to know each other. We met because of an agency that helped us know each other. Our relationship would not be possible without the help of this agency. Dating stage may be short but it doesn’t matter because we love each other so much and we chose to be with each other forever. We wish every Russian Girl who seeks love and serious dating happiness because everything is possible. Just like what happened to us. Everything started two years ago and our dating and relationship was a success knowing that we will be together forever.

Robert and Elena Svinar

russian girls Let me tell you a beautiful story about love. It is my unexpected love story. It all started when my friend and I decided to join the marriage agency. At first, I really don’t know what to expect because this is something new to me. But curiosity really has some surprise in the end. Through this agency, I met Robert. I received so many letters but Robert’s letters are remarkable. With this, our relationship started. I got to know more about Robert and found out that he is so romantic and lovely. He is a ballet dancer and what made me fall in love is the fact that he is so sweet in his letters. I was afraid that he is different in reality but then when we had our dating stage when he went here, he is still the same Robert that I have known. Our relationship is so romantic that it made my life so light and wonderful.

We started dating when he went to Crimea. He stayed there for 10 days and spent those special days together. After that, he went back to US and that is when we started to prepare the documents for a Russian Girl like me to go to the US. When he went back to US, our relationship did not end. We communicated through phone and letters while preparing everything that we need. I have now my fiancée visa and he’s taking me to US tomorrow. I never thought that our relationship would be so serious. Our wedding is schedules on January 31. I would like to thank the agency for opening big opportunities for Russian Girls like me and the others out there to meet the love of their life. This agency helps people when it comes to dating and building relationships between people that don’t know each other personally.

Elena and Wayne Pratt

russian girls I joined the marriage agency in 2004 and received a lot of letters from different men around the world. But there is something special in Wayne that made me excited for his letters. This is how our relationship started. We have so many compatibilities that made us feel that we are really meant for each other. The funny thing here is that Wayne doesn’t know who registered him in Anastasia. But then, whoever that is, we should thank that person. He found out that he’s registered when he started receiving letters from Russian girls.

The start of our relationship started when we wrote letters to each other. We also talked over the phone and got help from the agency by having a translator for us to understand each other. We fell in love with each other even though we haven’t met yet. And after four months of writing letters, Wayne went to my hometown and we finally met. We were dating at that time and continued when I spent months in Australia with him. We realized that we are really for each other that’s why we went back to Russia to get married in 2005. This agency really helped us in our dating and developing our relationship by providing the necessary help that we need. I hope that other Russian girls will soon meet the love of their life and start dating that special person. Through this agency, A simple Russian Girl like me met my Wayne and I know that other people who seek help from this agency will also have the same experience. Anastasia helps Russian Girls especially in dating and in looking for serious relationships.